Spitfire Fan Art Contest

Hey y’all,

I’ve been adopted by the Brony community for the past 3 months and it has been fascinating and rather lovely, I must say.  So far I’m booked for 2 conventions: Fiesta Equestria in Houston, and Cutie Mark Con in Cincinnati.  I am very excited to meet all of you!  I announced on Twitter that I wanted to hold a little contest where fans could create some Spitfire inspired art and I would pick one of these pieces to sign at the conventions.  So far I’ve received 4 submissions plus one bonus Kelly Metzger Pony!  It was inspired by a fan’s question I answered when I was a guest on Stay Brony My Friends with Dusty Katt!   I’ll put a link to the show at the end of this post, but first I want to show you the artwork people have come up with so far.

First up: The Kelly Metzger Pony! A-mazing! This was created by @NyanRose. Her deviantart page is:  Check out her stuff! It’s really great!









The first submission was by @TygerbugGarrett. It’s A Firefox logo but souped up with Spitfire.









This next piece wasn’t officially submitted into the contest, but was brought to my attention on the “twit”.  It’s by  @SophieCabra and I wanted to share it with you.










The next drawing is by @Bronytwin02.  I love this drawing!  I dig the rawness of it. Of course I would like fan feedback about which picture you would most like me to sign at the MLP conventions, but this picture is one of my faves so far.

spitfire favie






And last but not least, the incredibly slick work of @pixelkitties.  Gotta like this one.








Aren’t they all great! I’m super excited to see what else comes my way.  Get creative, guys!  I need more options! chop chop! And remember, even if I don’t end up choosing your pic, you’ve shared your imagination.  That shows a lot of guts, and it makes my day better.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh! Here’s the link to my interview on Stay Brony My Friends.

Dusty also created a “Manly Challenge” in which the guest that week chooses a charity and when the fans donate, they are entered into a draw for a prize.  I chose the World Wildlife Fund of Canada, and luckily the Coca-Cola Company has promised to match donations to the WWF up to 1 million dollars (which isn’t very much in the Coca-Cola world if you ask me).  Get donating people!  Save the polar bears!

macho man saves the polar beards




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The internet has a snake virus!

click here: Titanoboa meets Mondo Spider


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Start packing!

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One of my eyes is bigger. One of my legs is longer.

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Occupy Pungkin

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I am a canadian elf queen

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oh dear, that was too much fun

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And I shall never speak of it again

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The best day of my life : ) !!!!!!!!!

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I was trying to tell you my best story

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