So much and nothing

So much has been happening these past few weeks.  This may be the best summer/where’ssummer ever.

I rode an electricity generating bike at the eatART fundraiser at the Vancouver Art Gallery this weekend.  I ended raising the second most amount of money for this organization that is sucking me in so hard as well as leaving me teetering on the brink of a nervous breakdown.  Everything down at that shop is so outside my comfort zone I nearly die of anxiety before each time I go.  This weekend I am going to be learning how to do TIG welding with the promise that it will make me both sexier and cooler. eeeerrrrrrr.

I am also doing this weird little play in the back of a cub van.  It’s called Vancuber.  We show up at random (yet planned) spots around Vancouver and pretend to sell the inside of a Budget truck as convertible condo living space.  If you want to see this 7 minute masterpiece of weirdness, come to the alleyway to the west of Reno’s restaurant at Main and Broadway at 6:30pm this Saturday.  We will be there in our fluorescent green Vancuber t-shirts! #airgarden

Once I can digest these experiences I will share new insights into life and the universe.  Until that time “I will loot myself to net positive zero”.

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