June 2011 archives

A soft wow

Another instalment in my love for graduation speeches: I keep reading about commencement speeches being plagiarized at college graduations.  Kids recognize the speeches and then bust the speakers after googling familiar phrases.  The latest stolen speech was originally given by David Foster Wallace (R.I.P.), in 2005 at Kenyon College.  I guess the principle at the […]

Molten eye-liner

Things I Learned While Welding 1. Any outfit will fit under a pair of coveralls. 2. When using an angle grinder, don’t put your face in the stream of sparks to get a better look at what you’re doing. 3. You can use the reflection of the glass inside your welding helmet to spy on […]

Give me your money. Amen

For the past few months I’ve been involved with an organization called eatART www.eatart.org.  They use kinetic sculptures to promote energy awareness and education and they have been teaching me how to weld! <—- I made that cart!     On July 16 I’m biking at a charity fundraiser for the eatART Foundation at the Vancouver Art Gallery. We’re […]

Loosing your grip on the backswing

The Canucks really took a beating in Boston.  I’ve hopped on the bandwagon with this team since the playoffs began, but already I feel like I’ve devoted too many hours of my life for them to loose at this point.  I’ve watched a couple games downtown outside of the CBC and the atmosphere is pretty […]

Tears of blood

There was the coolest old couple in the elevator this morning.  I was on my way down to the laundry room when the two of them got on on the 5th floor.  The woman was wearing cut-off cargo pants, knee high black socks and a purple jingle jangle belly dancing skirt wrapped around her hips. […]