May 2011 archives

Nighttime city soundscape

As the oldest of four children I’ve had the opportunity of attending a few high school graduations. Listening to the speeches given to inspire and provide courage to the soon to be graduates, I realize how quickly I forget those lessons.  I just watched Amy Poehler’s Harvard speech to the class of 2011 and it’s […]

Jimmy Croce

There are photographs I only look at whenever I’m packing up to move somewhere.  Pictures I was meaning to put in an album some time, or ones that are so bad I don’t want anyone to see.  They derail my pack job and I end up sitting for an hour or more looking at myself […]

Quiet city

I am a chronic loser of umbrellas.  I like to buy fancy ones, since it rains so much here, but that means I’ve donated a lot to the umbrella gods.  My latest lost child was blue plaid with a button that would open it to full with one push of the thumb.  When I buy […]

5:30 is a great time for a stroll

Loners make better artists

I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately. I just saw a great one: Bill Cunningham New York.  It tells the story of a man who obsessively documents the street style of New York.  I am fascinated by loners who devote their lives to one thing, what they end up accomplishing, and how they change the […]

Die slugs die!

It’s going to start raining again. I found five slugs in my garden today eating my newly sprouted broccoli and pea seedlings, so I scooped them up and flung those little jerks over the fence, cursing them as they flew.  It would really suck to be walking past my yard and get a garden slug […]

Getting some skills

I had a great weekend at the eat art lab at their female fabricators workshop.  I have been wanting to learn how to weld for years.  We learned how use the angle grinder, drill press, and use the MIG welder.  I was able to do 2 beautiful beads.  I welded more than that, and made some […]

It’s ok rain

Hey Mom, This is the first blog post from Kelly Metzger. I’ve posted a line from the James Franco poem Howl as a little disclaimer for my twitter name, @angelheadhipstr.  I’m not calling myself “angelhead” purely in reference to my tender tendrils.  More so in my quest for meaning often sought in the machinery of […]